Feel like a Hathi Cafe 
with us...

The idea of creating a project related to coffee production was born out of passion and passionlove for travel. It was during one of our backpacking trips around India that we tasted a blend of the finest Arabica coffee. Just after our return, we started to think about the idea of introducing an excellent Indian coffee to the market. 

We tested the coffees we brought from India together on mountain and sea journeys, trying to reflect on the climate in India.

The coffee bustle and the view of the Polish mountains - the Karkonosze Mountains and their highest peak, Sněžka - were the stories of multi-culture in the climate of coffee roasted by the Indians. Our many hours of meetings with the culture and cuisine of this part of the world pushed us to visit one of the largest coffee plantations in India. Less than a year after returning from this colourful journey we managed to put our ideas into practice and bring the first beans to our warehouse.

Today, we are pleased to share with you the taste of passion that the Indians infected us with. In our coffees You will find a taste that reflects the melting pot and the colour of the cultures we had the opportunity to explore in our coffee selection. .
Embark on an incredible journey with us. Close your eyes and while drinking a slow brew of our coffees, feel like in Chandi Chowk in Khari Baoli Avenue, where the smell and richness of spice colours enslave every gourmet...

Currently DPM HATHI Cafe is part of the GOLDEN GRAIN GROUP.